About the mabb

The mabb is the joint media authority (Medienanstalt) of Berlin and Brandenburg. It is an independent institution of Public Law and therefore independent from the State. The mabb advocates for safeguarding pluralism within private broadcasting, promotes projects to impart media competence and supports innovations in the field of audio-visual media in the area of Berlin-Brandenburg.


The mabb grants licenses to private radio and television stations and supervises them regarding their compliance with agreed advertising guidelines and youth protection. In terms of national broadcasters, the mabb undertakes its regulatory function together with the joint bodies of all state media authorities.


Furthermore, the mabb promotes various institutions such as ALEX Berlin, the Medieninnovationszentrum Babelsberg and the ELECTRONIC MEDIA SCHOOL (ems). The mabb supports projects and events intended to communicate media competence, advocates for local TV broadcasters in the area of Berlin-Brandenburg and promotes projects on testing alternative transmission technologies.


Beside its regulatory and promotional function, the mabb increasingly undertakes information and moderation tasks. The institution is not only a point of contact for citizens, but also an independent advisor for parties from politics and economy. In that respect, the mabb commissions reports and studies, organises symposia and congresses as well as information and networking events.

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