About the Media Policy Lab

The Media Policy Lab is a project initiated by the media authority Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) which concentrates on questions about Internet policy and digital media pluralism. Against the background of digital change, state media authorities need to face safeguarding of media pluralism in a new way. To fulfil this important task, the Media Policy Lab connects scientific expertise with debates about network policy.

Accessibility and diversity of reliable information is the basis of every democratic society. Requirements for this, for example, are journalism which is also funded in times of digitisation, discrimination-free and diverse media which make quality information accessible for users, and structures which facilitate the retrievability of journalistic content. Together with scientists and many different stakeholders in digital society, the Media Policy Lab explores how these important tasks can be fulfilled today.

Thematically flexible, the Media Policy Lab will react to change withininformation society and concentrate on new focuses every year. The lab’s aim is the connection of experts, the mediation between stakeholders, the facilitation of new findings through media competence projects and the enrichment of the public debate about questions regarding digital media pluralism.

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