How frequently are intermediaries used, and for which purposes?

Since there remains some need for clarification when it comes to the question of the extent to which intermediaries are used as a source of information, the institute KANTAR TNS conducted the focus study “How frequently are intermediaries used, and for which purposes?”.

Using the CATI method, roughly 1,900 Internet users were surveyed on their use of online intermediaries.


The study found that 60 per cent of users relied on at least one intermediary for information purposes. Search engines, and above all Google, rank at the top, above social networks such as Facebook in particular.

Furthermore, there was a clear correlation between age and degree of education of surveyed users and their use of intermediaries for information purposes. The findings show that particularly younger users as well as users with higher formal education use intermediaries as sources of information.

The semi-annual focus study is commissioned by the media authorities. For a number of years, use of social networks, video portals and search engines for information gathering purposes have been surveyed.

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