10 claims for digital media pluralism

At the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin, the Media Policy Lab presented its position paper on digital media pluralism for the first time. Learn more about the 10 claims.

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The Media Policy Lab on a Big Stage

From 2 to 4 May, the MEDIA CONVENTION will come to Berlin again. This year, the Media Policy Lab is represented by four exciting sessions.

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Kick-off Event

Within an opening event at ALEX Berlin on January 17, the media authority Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) introduced the Media Policy Lab to the public.

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Genesis of the Media Policy Lab

Digitisation has permanently changed our information landscape. Information intermediaries such as Facebook and Google have become an integral part of the knowledge transfer and communication process.

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#Datenspende Project

The research project “Google und die Bundestagswahl: #Datenspende” aimed to figure out to what extent algorithms personalise search results. Another objective was to find out which topics related to the German...

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What is the
Media Policy Lab?

The Media Policy Lab is a project initiated by the media authority Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) which concentrates on questions about network policy and digital media pluralism. Against the background of digital change, state media authorities need to face the safeguarding of media pluralism in a new way. To fulfil this important task, the Media Policy Lab connects scientific expertise with debates about network policy.



Hannah Klein takes over as head of Media Policy Lab

On 1 March 2019, Hannah Klein will become head of mabb's Media Policy Lab. Prior to this, she was the personal speaker of Tabea Rößner, member of the German Bundestag (spokeswoman for network policy, consumer protection and film for Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen). The trained lawyer worked for ProSieben/ Sat.1 Media AG, among others, and as legal counsel in civil and commercial law and for various film productions.

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Fake News: Digital election campaign and misinformed public

Fake news, social bots and echo chambers: The speaker of the evening event on September 20th inside the studios of ALEX Berlin discussed about the upcoming challenges that will be caused by a digital information network and digital media system.

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Workshop “The Europe Connection”

Focussing on syngergies and differences among EU member states regarding intermediary regulation, the media policy lab together with the Center for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom in Florence organized the second Data Access Initiative workshop.

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Fake News and Dark Ads: Do we live in an era full of alternative facts?

"Freedom of press means the freedom of 200 rich people to spread their opinion". That is what F.A.Z. journalist and founding editor Paul Sethe said in a reader's letter to the German news magazine Spiegel in 1965. "Today, freedom of press means the freedom of around three billion people with access to the internet who put their opinion on the Web" ...

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Data Access Initiative Report #1

In the presence of an expert group consisting of representatives from regulatory bodies, NGOs and research institutions, the first workshop of the Data Access Initiative took place. The workshop's aim was to find models for transparency and data access in the case of social networks.

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Final Report of the Research Project #Datenspende Was Released

The final report of the research project "#Datenspende: Google und die Bundestagswahl 2017" was released. The study's starting point was the question to what extent are Google search results personalised and which role do algorithms play in this regard.

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