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Signing of the Letter of Intent

State Secretary Björn Böhning and mabb director Dr. Anja Zimmer sign letter of intent for media and Internet policy think tank

During the meeting of the Media Council of the media authority Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb), State Secretary Björn Böhning, head of the Berlin Senate Chancellery, and mabb director Dr. Anja Zimmer signed a letter of intent for the mabb Media Policy Lab. “We intend to cooperate more closely on questions of safeguarding media pluralism in the digital age, to create synergies and to promote public discourse on this topic, since we observe an increased requirement for research in this area,” said Anja Zimmer. “We are starting the Lab in January 2018.” State Secretary Björn Böhning explained: “It was and is the wish of the Senate to establish a media and Internet policy think tank in Berlin in dialogue with the media authority Berlin-Brandenburg. I am glad that by signing the letter of intent, we can take our first step.”

Promoting research and debate: Pluralism and quality assurance in the digital age

The Media Policy Lab is a project initiated by the mabb, which deals with fundamental conditions and opportunities for action on pluralism and quality assurance in the digital age. As a laboratory for digital pluralism, the Media Policy Lab functions as an incubator, an impulse provider and a facilitator. The objective of the Media Policy Lab, among other things, is to develop an independent dialogue on the future of digital pluralism and to promote science-based public debate. It intends to promote scientific research and to make it usable through events as well as information and competency projects. The findings of the Media Policy Lab will be prepared in a target group-appropriate fashion for the public and individual stakeholders.

Opening of the Media Policy Lab in January 2018

The Media Policy Lab is starting in January 2018 with a kick-off event on the premises of ALEX Berlin. This is where the “Manifesto for digital media pluralism” will be presented. Moreover, the initiators plan to conduct studies and expert opinions on the topics of the Media Policy Lab and to publish a white book. The Media Policy Lab will be accompanied by an advisory board.

Published: 14.11.2017

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