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Kick-off Event

Within an opening event at ALEX Berlin on January 17, the media authority Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) introduced the Media Policy Lab to the public.

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Genesis of the Media Policy Lab

Digitisation has permanently changed our information landscape. Information intermediaries such as Facebook and Google have become an integral part of the knowledge transfer and communication process.

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Facebook as a Visual Black Box

Since 2014, the annual Media Convention Berlin (MCB) has been a conference for current issues in the media industry, media policy and media society at international level. On two days, more than 100 speakers present their latest findings and research results on topics such as innovation or media regulation.

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#Datenspende Project

The research project “Google und die Bundestagswahl: #Datenspende” aimed to figure out to what extent algorithms personalise search results. Another objective was to find out which topics related to the German...

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What is the
Media Policy Lab?

The Media Policy Lab is a project initiated by the media authority Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) which concentrates on questions about network policy and digital media plurality. Against the background ofdigital change, state media authorities need to face the safeguarding of media plurality in a new way. To fulfil this important task, the Media Policy Lab connects scientific expertise with debates about network policy.



Signing of the Letter of Intent

During the meeting of the media board of the media authority Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) the letter of intent for the Media Policy Lab has been signed.

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IGF Germany 2017 in Berlin

Every year the Internet Governance Forum brings people from all over the world together to talk about digital politics and the crucial questions of the digital age.

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Event Tip: More Transparency in Algorithms

The research project “#Datenspende: Google und die Bundestagswahl 2017” examined Google's influence on the parliamentary elections. On 28 February, the results of the project will be presented to the public.

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Upcoming Events

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

More Transparency in Algorithms

More Transparency in Algorithms

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
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